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As a child, I spent a lot of time with my Italian grandparents who have a habit of showing their love through food.  Early in my teenage years while dealing with the divorce of my parents, I began to eat my feelings.  I became deeply depressed and for the most part, silent.  I sought attention in all the wrong places until my husband came along and began to fill the void I felt in my heart.  I started running and dieting at fifteen.  The control of loosing weight became an obsession for me that continued on for the following nine years.  I frequently went through periods of starving and overexercising where my weight would plummet followed by binge periods where my weight would rapidly incline.  This causes the “yo-yo” affect you see many people experience.  During this time I also abused caffeine and diet pills for about three years.  At nineteen I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  I was put on a massive dose of Pentasa and began “self medicating” with marijuana.  My weight continued to change with the seasons and my depression worsened.

I had an epiphany moment when I was twenty three.  I would love to say it was this amazing day as I was looking out over a beautiful landscape feeling wonderful but, it wasn’t.  I was all alone, in the parking lot of a gas station and I had just hit a small pole and put a big dent in the back end of my brand new car.  To this day I can’t explain why that moment resonated so hard with me but, my eyes were open and I felt something deep inside that I knew had to be changed.  I made a vow to myself to become healthy mentally and physically.  The following year I discovered that I was pregnant.  My husband and I didn’t feel ready as our home was in terrible disarray but, we learned to love the idea of becoming parents.

We put all of our energy into having our house remodeled only to fail.  Our daughter was born and spent the first year of her life sleeping in a small walk through basement room that we had no choice but to finish for her.  We did the best we could to brighten the space and let in all the natural light we had from the two small windows.  The first year was a blur, I am sure all new parents out there can agree with that statement.  Plus, the stress from our house was almost unbearable.  The lack of space, never knowing what would break next, we felt  so confined not only to be sharing our home with our new child but also our three dogs and two cats.

We made the decision to tear down our house.  Then we fought with every ounce of our being for the next year and a half to rebuild.  We aren’t rich, we don’t have fancy jobs, we are just two twenty eight year old dreamers who were faced with a challenge.  We bought a dump of a house at twenty years old and we refused to let that house determine our self worth.  We refused to let it trap us and tear us apart. Instead, we tore it down and built it back up.

And, that is exactly what I am now doing to myself.  That is exactly what is happening to me without ever having realized it.  This is my time to live my optimal life.  I refuse to be defined.  I have Crohn’s Disease, it does not have me.  I have some food allergies too.  I have a very low tolerance for caffeine.  I had a serious injury in my neck that caused chronic headaches and pain for years.  Those are all just things.  Things that don’t matter when you are functioning at your highest level.  For years I have struggled with waking up in the morning.  Not anymore.  I am not tired anymore.  For years I have had stomach aches every single day.  Not anymore.  I swear I have finally figured out what makes me feel good, the foods that I need to fuel and nourish my body.  The exercises that keep me toned and feeling strong.

Every single person can have what I have.  You can be thin, you can feel confident in your bathing suit but most importantly, you can feel good. Wonderful in fact.  Truly happy, not just because you put your smile on that morning but because you feel this calmness overtake your body and it emulates in every facet of your life.  This is your life, don’t you want to feel wonderful every single day?  Because, I know that I do!  It is our human right to feel beautiful inside and out!  This site is my true love.  My romance with everything that we can be eating, drinking and doing to make our bodies function at our best.  I want to share with you as I bank on every little piece of information that I can find.  I have a passion for all things good for our bodies and our minds.  I am creating this blog to round-up all my research and knowledge about health, beauty and fitness into one place that I (or hopefully others) can easily find and enjoy.  If you are reading this, I want to personally welcome you to my site and my journey to the most wonderful version of me.  And, if I can help you on your journey in any way please, feel free to email me!



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